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Choosing the Suitable Clubs from the Store

Posted on October 9, 2017

When it comes to a sport as fancy as golf, beginner sports enthusiasts find it challenging to choose to form a wide range of golf clubs, let aside the patience required to learn the sport. While making a choice from a number of clubs available, few facts are better to be cleared out before beginning to head out for shopping golf components.

For beginners, it is important to understand one’s skill level and strength in swinging a golf club.

  • Length

The length of the golf club must be chosen based on the height of the person and most primarily, the shaft. The shaft of a club is a long tube that the golfer holds while swinging the club. The lengthy the shaft, the more distance between the golfer’s hand from the ball. Golf club manufacturers produce shafts to suit different swing mechanisms and hence use graphite to build the shafts as it is comparatively flexible.

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The length also varies for both men and women. For men, who are shorter than 5’5”, the length required is ½” shorter than the standard size; men’s height ranging between 5’5” to 6’1” use the standard size; men taller than 6’1” use the over length club. For women, shorter than 5’3” use the petite length; 5’3” to 5’7” use the standard length; taller than 5’7” use the men’s standard length.

Knowledge about your own swing speed is important to evaluate the shaft to be used. Swings below 85 mph should use a flex shaft; swings between 85-100 mph require the regular flex, and swings beyond 100 mph should use stiff/extra stiff shaft.

  • Loft of the club

The loft is the angle of the club that evaluates the distance and controls the route of the shot. Pro golfers prefer the lower lofted clubs which require immense experience and skill to hit. But nowadays even they use the higher lofted clubs as less spin and longer route of the shot leads to maximum distance.

  • Head

Golfers whose swing speed is higher should use a heavy-headed club to be able to control the shot, while slow swing speed golfers should use lighter heads so as to increase the velocity of the club head. Beginners should build up confidence gradually and hence should use a shallow faced head club as it has a lower center of gravity that will launch the ball higher and improve skills.

  • Drivers

A driver is designed in a way that when a golfer is hitting off to produce clubhead speed and velocity of the swing, balance, and control can be maintained simultaneously.

  • Fairway Woods

The angle of 17 degrees is highly recommended for beginners. Fairway woods are made to be hit either off of a fairway area or off of a tee. So it is important for beginners to carry a high-lofted three wood for using at par fours and par fives.

  • Hybrids

These are very versatile and are one of the best options for beginners. They are easier to handle because they hit efficiently better than a long iron club.

Shots that determine the type of golf club to be used

 Teeing off

Teeing off is the starting of the round. Hybrid clubs are versatile and should be used by beginners for this shot.

  • Approach shots

These are the shorter golf shots which require the 8 or 9 iron club.

  • Trouble shots

Beginners might find it difficult to play a shot if the ball gets stuck in tricky situations such as a sand trap. For this, hybrid clubs are a savior.

These few points and head-on will help purchasers find golf clubs on sale from a wide range of sellers. The basics might be kept in mind before any kind of impulsive purchase.

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