Best Hybrid Clubs, Importance of Hybrid Clubs – Monark Golf

Posted on February 26, 2016

‘Hybrid clubs’ also known as Rescue clubs help golfers to overcome difficult situations and dominate long irons. A hybrid constitutes twofold characteristics as it is considered to be like a cross between an iron and wood. They allow playing better shots with more accuracy and trajectory.

Hybrid’s can be categorised into three varieties which are as follows:

  • High Handicap Hybrids: Golfer’s playing with high handicap are suggested to have the 3 and 4 hybrids as they will help them to exchange the 3 and 4 irons, thereby allowing to take better shots and correct route. The choice of hybrids is vast in the market and the standard of hybrids also stands good. Hence, the choice totally depends upon the preferences of the golfers. The hybrids are aimed in such a way to hit from the rough or the fairway. A satisfactory hybrid brands allow golfers good distances suitable for any high handicapper. Graphite shaft with steady flex is highly recommended at this level. Women golfers may use senior (A) flex or L flex.
  • Mid Handicap Hybrids: At this level of hybrid, it is up to the opinion of the golfer to choose a shaft of steel or graphite. The graphite shafts compared to the steel are more beneficial as it lighter and extensive. They also retain increased club head speeds. Taylormade R15 Hybrid and Callaway Call XR Hybrid are few kinds of mid handicap hybrids.
  • Low handicap hybrids: The low handicap hybrid can be considered while upgrading your golf club drivers. These hybrids allow players to achieve higher trajectory compared to golf iron clubs.

The companies that provide best hybrid clubs are namely Cobra Golf, Adams Golf, Monark Golf, Taylormade, Nike, Wilson Staff, US Kids and so on. You can be rest assured about durable quality and competitive prices at these companies.