Introducing House of Forged Graphite Shafts: The Winning Golf Shaft on the Re/Max Long Drive Golf Tour! Now at Monark Golf!

Posted on September 7, 2015

House of Forged is a boutique brand of high performance graphite shafts. House of Forged Golf Shafts have built a strong resume in the Long Drive Golf Competition by winning four RE/Max Open Division Golf Championships. Monark Golf is now offering House of Forged Long Drive Shafts to our extensive product line. However that is not our core audience and I want to introduce to you some golf shafts for the 99.99% who don’t need binoculars to see where the ball lands. House of Forged makes two other unique models in the premium golf shaft category.  These are actually manufactured by Matrix to House of Forged Golf Driver Golf Shafts specifications utilizing Matrix’s extensive portfolio of materials and technologies. These two shafts are called the House of Forged Express Golf Shafts and the House of Forged 49 Golf Shafts and they differ quite a bit. Here is a diagram to show the stiffness distribution along the length of the shaft using our EI Shaft Profiler. The Express is a low-60 to low 70 gram shaft depending upon the flex and has the stiffer tip section between the two. In head-to-head testing, the Express has a lower or more boring ball flight. However, the golf shaft didn’t feel “boardy” like some other lower launching shafts I have experienced. The other golf shafts for drivers got the name 49 comes from its’ weight. This was a surprisingly stable shaft for a shaft in its weight category. It plays very true-to-flex. The House of Forged 49 Golf Shaft has a much thicker butt and mid-section than the House of Forged Express Golf Shafts which does two things: First, the 49 is counterbalanced which will help either make the club longer and not have an excessive swingweight or be used with some of today’s adjustable drivers which happen to be a little heavier than bonded drivers. Plus the larger cross section reinforced the middle portion of the golf shaft for the added stability. The REMAX long drive competition each year brings out the biggest baddest long drivers in the world.  It is an impressive display of power and accuracy with the big stick.  In the last couple years a new company has taken the circuit by storm: House of Forged Shafts. Many of us watch such a competition and only dream of hitting it that far, now we have the opportunity to use similar shafts made by House of Forged but designed for those of us with snail paced swing speeds in comparison to the long drivers. House of Forged shafts are designed and hand crafted in the USA from 27 unique layers of carbon fibre prepregs. Each of these 27 layers are electronically-machine rolled (one-at-a-time). Torque ratings are measured at three places (tip end, butt end, mid section). House of Forged shafts dominated the 2012 RE/MAX World Long-Drive Championships and took 3 championships: Champion Ryan Winther, but also by 6-of-the-8 TV Round finalists in the Open Division; including 3rd and 4th Place finishers Landon Gentry and Jamie Sadlowski, 5th Place finisher Josh Crews, 6th Place finisher Justin Young, and 7th Place finisher Ryan Cooper. Eric Lastowka used a House of Forged shaft to win in the Senior Division, Jack Crutchfield and Gary Ramirez to take 1st and 2nd Places in the Grand Champions division. If you look at the 2008 REMAX Long Drive competition winners list, you will see House of Forged well represented in the top 10, better than any other company. With the young talent using their shafts, I can only see their presence growing on the LD circuit.  National exposure and an excellent product will have House of Forged shafts making their way into the bags of us common golfers. House of Forged golf shafts are available online here: