Introducing the new 2015 Fujikura EXS Series Shafts

Posted on March 29, 2015

Fujikura launched in February a new line of shafts available as component shafts. The new EXS line of shafts is an entirely new platform of shafts, not a remake of the previous Fit-on-Max line. The new EXS incorporates three of Fujikura's new technologies into one shaft: ENSO, PHANTIUM paint and FLEX MAP.  All of these together provide you with a great feeling and a great performing shaft at a fantastic price point. EXS employs a more scientific approach to pairing you with your ideal shaft. Consisting of three unique shaft spectrums, EXS shafts can be matched to every swing type. Through the use of our proprietary FlexMap Technology, shafts are measured in multiple dimensions during pre and post-impact to ensure that the correct shaft is paired with the correct golfer. After all, your swing is as unique as your genetic code, and you deserve the shaft uniquely designed for it. Which wood shaft is right for me? The EXS is a comprehensive line with various weights and trajectories. The number of options might look confusing at first, it is easy to sort out the difference amongst the wood shafts. To make selecting the shafts user-friendly, the shaft’s silkscreens are color coded and comes with numbers. Colors: * The red EXS is a high launch version * Blue EXS mid launch * Purple EXS is a low launch version, each available in a wide range of weights and flexes. Numbers: * The First number indicates the weight, e.g. "5" stands fro 50 gram, "7" for 70 gram and "8" indicates 80 gram. * The Second number indicates trajectory. "0" stands for High Trajectory, "1" indicates Mid Trajectory and "2" represents Low Trajectory. * For instance 5.0 is 50 gram + high ball flight whereas 7.2 is 70 gram weight + low trajectory. Hybrids and Irons The hybrids and irons are also color coded. The EXS 65 Hybrid and the EXS 60 Iron have red in their color-scheme. They are the lightest and highest launching to pair with the 5.0 and 6.0 wood shafts. The slightly heavier EXS 75 Hybrid and EXS 70 Iron shafts can easily be spotted by their blue color in the silkscreen and you guessed it, these match up well with the 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 wood shafts. Sakura Sakura are specifically designed for women golfers. Sakura shafts are extremely lightweight, flexible, and easy to get the ball airborne and ideal for the average strength lady golfer. These are also made of premium materials and upgrades over what would typically be found in name brand ladies clubs. Fujikura shafts are available online here: Video: