Introducing: Star Golf Grips – Made in the USA!

Posted on September 7, 2015

Over the years, Star Grips has perfected a unique method of manufacturing grips referred to as “Seamless True Round Molding”. The very nature of the design guarantees both improved quality and consistency in production output. Star Grip® grips are made from a more expensive proprietary industrial grade EPDM elastomer. All our grips are made here in the U.S.A at our factory in Chandler, Arizona. Traditionally grips get hard and slick over time as a result of salt, moisture, U.V. and ozone exposure. The material in Star Grip® grips is backed by our guarantee that it won’t get hard or slick, nor will it crack, split or absorb moisture. The Classic Wrap was developed to create a grip that emulated a real leather wrap grip with similar qualities but made from high performance rubber. Star Grip’s extremely tacky and durable rubber formula along with the perforated wrap surface texture provides all the advantages of a leather grip. The Mid Size is a larger perforated wrap grip with traction channels on the bottom side of the grip. This grip is a favorite of those who prefer a close and secure connection with the club. The Tour Star was developed for the golfer that prefers a grip with less taper or large bottom hand. The surface provides maximum surface contact with the golfer’s hands that results in a very supple feel. The thicker cross section provides more vibration dampening on impact. The Tour Star is available in Standard and Oversize. The Sidewinder is a non-wrapped style grip with surface engraving that emulates the sidewinder snake found in the Southwest part of the US, which happens to be the home of Star Grip in Phoenix, Arizona. The shape was chosen since it provides a symmetrical gripping surface with more texture and bite, and is similar to a corded grip. The more aggressive feel along with the proprietary rubber formula makes the Sidewinder an excellent choice for low handicappers. Click here to shop for Star Grip golf grips: