Just Arrived: Heater BMT2 Adjustable Driver with Moveable Weights

Posted on January 27, 2014

Finally a titanium driver with adjustable hosel at an affordable price.
  • Adjustable hosel design allows you to fine tune face angle from 2º open to neutral to 2º closed. Choose from three face angle positions so you can achieve the look you want at address and help you square the face to the ball at impact.
  • Choose from two ways to position the moveable weights to promote a neutral/straight flight or a distance enhancing draw. Each driver head comes standard with 1 x 10 gram and 2 x 2 gram weight screws. Move the heavier weight screw toward the heel to promote a draw, or move towards the toe to promote fade bias.
  • The BMT-2's low, forward Center of Gravity promotes high launch, fast ball speed, and low spin for increased distance.
  • The CG location is moved forward and low behind the face due to the three metal weight screws (total 14 gram). Moving the CG forward promotes more ball speed, high launch and less spin resulting in increased distance.
  • Cup face design enlarges the effective face area and sweet spot. The benefit is increased rebound effect for more distance.
  • The expanded front-to-back dimension (114 mm) increases stability at impact and forgiveness of off-center hits.
  • Attractive modern-classic head profile with navy blue crown.