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Know Your Custom Fit Golf Club

Posted on September 19, 2017

If you want to improve your golf playing skills, it would be smart to know about custom fit golf clubs. Not only can you feel confident about where you are spending your money, but also you can get some simple facts cleared about these clubs. So if you are looking forward to custom fit your clubs, let’s jump into some trivia about it.

  • Importance Around it

Customised equipment is a big advantage in any sport. When we are talking about customised equipment, we mean to say that its design and quality set according to the standards of the player. Custom fit golf clubs can be designed as per the golfer’s swing speed, his or her potentials and strength, which are obviously benefitted in the game and thus accelerate performance. If you seriously want to improve your game, customised clubs are highly essential.

  • The Right Amount of Customisation

Today’s modern technology and science has made almost everything possible and accessible for buyers. Multiple websites are advertising about custom fit clubs but this technology will only work if put to right use. For instance, if it is a custom fit golf club, it should suit the golfer’s personal requirements, like loft, length of the club, the shaft or flex. No technology will suffice its true sense if the customisation is not designed as per the player’s specific strengths and weaknesses.

  • Patience While Purchasing

A polished custom fit requires patience and skills. Since your club is getting personalised only for your usage, it requires time and an immense skill of expertise. A proper custom fit includes work on the iron, the drivers, and a putter which can be performed by someone who is enough experienced in such designing.

  • Online Purchases are Better Avoided

Custom club fits requires patience to be designed as per your personal strengths and qualities. The fitting specifications can only be achieved when you sit with a reputable technician so that he can take some measurements, understand your swing skills, and try to assess the problems with your current club. These are not possible through a virtual interaction on websites.

  • Only High-end Facilities are not Enough

A high-end club fitting store will have more than required facilities to attract customers. But always remember that only impressive facilities are not enough. It is the level of experience and knowledge of the fitter which can ensure a successful and long-term usage of your custom fit club.

  • Custom Fit is a Continued Process

If you have had your clubs custom fitted years ago, that does not imply that the same clubs will serve you all your life. You need to keep check on any changes in your game skill or technique because custom fitting is a continuous process.

 Thereby, it is smart on part of the golfer, to make a choice among golf club sets for sale. The above facts will help you to assess your choice even better and help in acing the game.

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