New 2015 Golf Club Paks

Posted on July 19, 2015

We have added the latest club head designs to our popular line of club component packs. Our Monark Golf Club Packs are the perfect choice for custom assembly. We offer a variety of choice golf club heads that are pre-packaged with select, top-brand golf shafts and grips. Our packs contain all necessary parts and supplies to build your own custom clubs, no further parts are needed. You buy only exactly what is needed to finish the job, i.e. no need to spend on a large pack of ferrules or a big bottle of shafting epoxy or a roll of grip tape. Each pack includes one of our quality value shafts and a value Rexton grip, great for a wide array of golfers. The pre-packed kit saves you time and you don't need to search online what shaft is needed. You also don't need to worry whether the tip diameter of a shaft will fit the hosel bore diameter, the pack will include the correct shaft fitting the club head. Iron club packs are good for a set of 7 irons (your choice of #4-PW or #5-SW), wedge club packs include a set of 3 wedges (Gap, Sand and Lob Wedge). Our assortment of club component packs features 18 drivers, 19 fairway woods, 17 hybrids, 27 iron sets, 14 wedge sets and 19 putters. Our full line of club component is available online here: