New Grafalloy’s ProLaunch Counterbalanced Shafts

Posted on March 29, 2015

A new trend in the golf industry is counterbalancing or shifting the center of mass closer to the butt end of the shaft. This concept can help you  achieve greater distance. SuperStroke launched the Plus XL Series grips; their Counter-Core Technology allows  you to add or remove weight to find your ideal weight in order to make more putts. Back-weighting decreases wrist action and promotes more consistent stroke. Boccieri Secret Grips features a 17-gram tungsten back-weight raising the balance point of your club. Coming back to backweighted shafts: Grafalloy introduced two new shafts to their ProLaunch franchise called the ProLaunch Blue SuperCharged and the ProLaunch Red SuperCharged. The Supercharged versions have a balance point or distribution of weight about 3 inches closer to the butt end than the original ProLaunch shafts. Shifting the Shaft Balance Point: If the shaft balance point is lower, i.e. more towards the tip end, you will get a heavier feel. If the shaft balance point is higher, i.e. shifted more towards the butt end, you will get a lighter feel. If you build the same length, grip and head weights, a driver shafted with SuperCharged shafts will give you a swingweight that is 3 points lighter. 3 point lighter swingweight is equivalent to adding a 12 gram counterweight in the butt end of the grip, however it will not increase total weight of the club. What is the Advantage of Counterweighting? One way to hit the ball further, is to make the club longer. A longer club increases the entire club weight and makes the club feel head heavy. For each ½” increase in length, you will experience a 3 swingweight point change. The new Supercharged shafts allow for a ½” longer club length but maintain a normal swingweight. The benefit is increased swing speed and leverage to hit the ball. For instance if you increase your club speed by 2 mph more, that will result into an additional 5 yards if you make a solid hit. If you struggle with a longer length club, Counterbalanced Shafts offer another advantage: you can increase the head weight. Heads with adjustable adapter sleeves, the weight of the adjustable hosel increases head weight. Some other club heads feature weight screws, replace a lighter screw with a heavier screw to increase head weight. Last not least you can add layers of self-adhesive lead tape on the head, adding leadtape at strategic locations let you trim a head for fade bias or a  distance enhancing draw bias. Grafalloy ProLaunch SuperCharged available here: