New Winn DriTac 20th Anniversary Grips

Posted on December 18, 2015

Winn has been a premium manufacturer of golf grips for 20 years now. To celebrate this milestone, Winn introduced their new 20th Anniversary Dri-Tac. Available in 3 sizes, these unique anniversary grips come in a classic copper color. They all feature Winn signature WinnDry polymer. Combining comfort with exceptional non-slip all-weather performance, they add a traditional look to the hottest line of grips in golf. How did it all start? Winn was founded by Dr. Ben Huang who began his professional career as an aerospace engineer in the 1960s at NASA. But a yearning for new challenges and love of sports led him to business. His passion for tennis turned his attention to polymer materials and the opportunity they presented to improve tennis balls, racket strings and grips. In 1973 Winn developed tennis balls and in 1976 synthetic tennis strings. One of his tennis string customers pushed Dr. Huang to supply also tennis grips. At that time tennis grips were made from a rubber underlisting and a leather wrap. The installation and regripping of these grips was time consuming and expensive. In 1980 Winn Winn developed a synthetic polymer tennis grip, marking a shift from leather to synthetic; the new grips was more shock absorbent. In 1996 Winn launched the first polymer grip in golf: The Excel Classic featuring innovative Elastom ETM material. Winn created a more user-friendly grip for re-gripping your own clubs. A polyurethane strap was pre-assembled on a rubber underlisting with a piece of finishing tape to hold it in place. The two-layer Winn grips were actually one-piece that you could slip on the shaft like any other rubber grip. To ease installation furthermore, the finishing tape was later replaced with a flip-over bell collar on the underlisting. Winn Grips quickly became popular because their grips felt so good and their jumbo model was so much softer and lighter than any other grip of similar size. Winn grips  had a feel unlike no other grip, were lighter and available in multiple sizes. In 1998 Winn introduced their tan grip and followed up the next year with copper and blue and eventually multi-colors that we have all become accustomed to. This is why their newest grips to celebrate their 20th anniversary are copper. In 2000 Butch Harmon, the famed former Tiger Woods coach, becomes Winn spokesperson. In 2002 Winn putter grips played by 23 winners on the Tour, including 3 Majors champions. In 2004 Winn launched a new V17-AVS polymer material with Advanced Vertical Seam technology offering more durability and stability than classic wrap-around grips. In 2010 WinnLite Grip Technology was developed for golfers who are looking for longer distance, more accurate shots, and higher ball flight. Go Lighter, Go Faster, Go Farther. In 2012 Winn developed grips for fishing rods and expanded its business into fishing rod grips providing tacky, non-slip performance in all weather conditions. Monark Golf is a Winn authorized distributor since 1998, we are stocking up the entire line of Winn golf grips offering competitive value prices to resellers and the golfing public. Winn grips are available online here: