Penley Golf Shafts are Back!

Posted on September 7, 2015

Not long ago, if you were a serious golfer and somebody mentioned the name Penley, your thoughts probably shifted to that of high end, high quality golf shafts. Or, maybe you thought of the ever-Penley presence at the Long Drive Championships.  Maybe even you thought of John Daly winning the Buick Invitational in 2004 with an ETA in hand.  Well, Penley has once again emerged as a leader in the golf shaft industry with the introduction of the ET2, and there is no looking back. Carter Penley owns and operates Penley Sports out of San Diego, CA. The Penley name made a huge impact with the the ETA shaft several years ago, and is now gaining significant traction and drawing some serious attention by PGA Tour players with the introduction of his recent ET2 shaft, a significant upgrade from the ETA. PGA players from the likes of John Daly, Lanny Wadkins, Bart Bryant, Joe Durant, and Vijah Singh, have all used Penley shafts. The last name in particular should draw your attention. Vijah Singh is known to be a perfectionist with his equipment and in fact, is known to change his wedges every week to keep the grooves tight! If Vijah used Penley, you know it had to meet the highest of standards. Charter Penley sold majority shares of his business to Arena Sports in San Diego and remained as their Vice President for new product design. In 2004 Arena Sports decided to quit and close down the golf shaft business. As of 2008, Carter Penley’s non-compete clause agreement expired allowing Carter Penley to resume his design, development and manufacturing of his well-known high quality golf shafts. Long drives are still important to players and the game in general and now Carter Penley’s designs are incorporating accuracy and control that many times sacrificed for the longer drive. Carter Penley’s new ET2 has been successfully designed to deliver the long drives with the highest degree of accuracy and control for todays, yesterdays and tomorrows player. Not only are materials, attention to design and manufacturing processes, our mainstay in the industry, Penley Sports is also better known for their ability to advance the design curve and performance enhancement of the product. Penley spends a higher ratio of dollars per income on R&D than any other company; always did, always will. Penley Sports is most famously known for their “MADE IN USA” policy. Moving off shore just to squeeze every dime out of my customers and fellow local industry competitors does not make me a better designer, a better businessman or my product a better product. Penley graphite shafts features 3 innovative design technologies:
  • TBAR technology
  • Z Flex Range design
  • QMIT design
The TBAR (Tip to Butt Aspect Ratio) Algorithm is the determining flex factor, although we do apply some common flex range description to help players determine which golf shaft is best suited for their level of play. Note: Carter Penley developed specific Zone Flexes for the professional level player (PGA, LPGA, Long Drive and aspiring amateurs) and denotes those flexes as ‘Zone Flex Characterizations’. Players of this level may want to contact the factory to determine if the production mid-range TBAR shaft is suitable for their specific swing. Z Flex Range design: All shafts are designed primarily to meet the Z1 (mid-range). For those that need a a different, more specific tuned shaft for their needs (such as higher/lower launch), review the Zone Flex Characterization Chart or Contact Penley. New QMIT Design & Manufacturing Process: This new process creates a shaft providing optimal response throughout the stresses of the loading phase, factory tunable torque resistance modes for all swing types, and when coupled with Penley’s small lot custom production runs and the use of the highest quality aerospace materials produce consistent quality unmatched in the industry. “QMIT is an exciting new development for Penley representing an entirely new and proprietary process reducing internal stresses and effectively redirecting flexural stiffness to manage torque resistance throughout the golf swing,” said Carter Penley, CEO of Penley Golf Shafts. “Simply put, QMIT allows Penley to tailor a better balanced composite laminate for golf shafts. For the seasoned player, QMIT provides a stable performance platform to deliver the club head to the ball consistently, resulting in enhanced feel, greater distance and improved shot control.” Monark Golf is offering the following Penley Sports Golf Shafts:
  • Penley ET2
  • Penley ET2 Long Drive
  • Penley Executive Player Wood shaft
  • Penley Hybrid Heater2 hybrid shaft
  • Penley Executive Player Iron shaft
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