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Posted on February 13, 2017

Golf is one of the classiest and one of the most recognized games in the globe. If you look at the game superficially, the game and the rules seem quite complex. If you want to play golf seriously, you need to know the right grip. Many amateur golfers still do not know how to put their hands on the club. If you can hold the club correctly, you can get a better swing.

Tips to grip the club perfectly-  You should invest in a right kind of gloves to improve the natural grip. The gloves reduce the chances of slippage of the club from your hand and you get a better consistency. Correct alignment of the golf club and your hands is vital. Your left hand should cover up the end of the club completely. Your elbows should not bend when you grip the club. The ‘V’ shape is very important in terms of proper grip. ‘V’ is the intersection of the thumb and the forefinger. You should wrap your right forefinger around the club. You should grip the club lightly. The pressure on the grip usually comes from the last three fingers of your hand. The thumb and forefinger only aid to hold the club. The most widely used grip in golf is overlap. The little finger of your right hand should be placed on your left-hand index finger. Do the reverse in case you are a leftie.

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