Steel vs Graphite
The Basic Differences between Steel and Graphite Golf Shafts

Posted on November 13, 2017

Do you want to improve your game looking for golf shafts appropriate for you? If so then there are certain differences that you must know about the steel shafts and graphite shafts. You may wonder what differences are there that may improve or deteriorate your strokes. It's not only you the newcomers even the senior players often get confused between these two types when they are out for shopping golf shafts. In the earlier days, the mid and high handicappers used to play with the graphite golf shafts while the low handicappers used to play with the steel shafts. Let’s focus on some of the noteworthy differences between steel and graphite golf shafts.

  • Durability: in the earlier days the steel golf shafts were considered to be the most durable golf shafts which is not the trend nowadays. There is quality graphite shafts have hit the market and competing hard with the steel shafts. A supreme quality graphite shaft tends to last for so long without being cracked. Steel golf shafts last long until it is bent, pitted or rusted.
  • Expenses: The steel shafts come in a pocket-friendly manner than the graphite shafts. And thus the players and the clubs tend to prefer the steel golf shafts but not the graphite golf shafts. The price difference is around $100 which has nothing to do with your stroke but with your bank account.
  • Vibration: This difference depends fully upon your choice and your performance. The steel shafts transmit more vibration to the golfer’s hand than the graphite golf shafts do. If you are skilled and want to enjoy the vibrating feedback that your steel shaft is offering then you should choose a steel shaft. But if you are tired of your hands stinging on a number of missed strokes then an Aldila golf shaft is apt for you.
  • Weight: This is another basic and noticeable difference between the steel golf shafts and the graphite golf shafts. Steel shafts are heavier than the graphite shafts. Due to having a lighter weight, stiffness, and durability, the graphite shafts are becoming popular day by day. Majority of the golfers prefer the graphite one but this doesn’t imply the unpopularity of steel golf shafts.

 Some of the noticeable differences are mentioned above in details. Go through them and choose your golf kit according to your necessary.

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