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Things You Need To Know Before Buying a Golf Putter

Posted on September 11, 2017

A putter is that club which a golfer uses to make short and slightly low-speed shots so as to allow the ball to roll and get inside the target. The main difference between a putter and other clubs is that the former has a very flat and almost ground level club head, bent shafts, non-circular grips and guides to position the club. Let’s look at some of the custom golf putters and which one is ideal as per your game specifications.

  • Putter based on its Alignment

A properly aligned putter helps immensely in the correct pathway of the ball up to its target. Any sort of slight mistake in its alignment can lead to a wrong move and such rookie mistakes are worth a lot while an ongoing game.

  • Shape of Putter Heads

The two basic head shapes of putters are called the blades and mallets. The blades give you a very traditional look and feel of the club and are comparatively lighter in weight so that they can be swept easily through greens. Mallets have a big head and almost all sides are of the same thickness. Mallets are mostly used on slower greens so that you have control over the shot.

  • Length of Putters

Putter shots require minimum wrist movement. So they are important to make you feel confident about the shot that you are to play. They come in the traditional length of 32”-36” and the counterbalance length of 36”-38” respectively. The traditional length helps in the natural flow of your stroke, while the counterbalance length, being a little longer, and help the golfer with an added grip so as to hit a more stable stroke.

  • Insert and Metal Putter Faces

Metal faces of putters allow a little sound as the golfer hits the ball. It provides golfers with a sharp and clear feel to the shot. Insert putter faces allow for a softer feel to your shot.

  • Putter Shafts

Golfers work with a heel shaft if they prefer to rotate the ball with the head open and close through the stroke. Centre shafts are used to swing in a pendulum like motion. And lastly, an offset putter helps the golfer to look at the ball directly to create a firm setup.

These were the basics that any beginner must keep in mind before opting for a putter club. If you are looking for such clubs then, Monark Golf is there to provide discount golf putters with eye-catching and quality club sets.

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