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What Every Golfer Needs To Know About Custom Golf Club Fitting

Posted on June 6, 2017

A proper fitting and good quality gear can enhance the quality of a sport to a great extent. And golf is a very difficult game and you make it much more difficult if you use improper and unfit golf club.While buying a golf club one should keep in mind about the club head, shaft and grip combination. The swing of each and every golfer is distinct in many ways. It depends hugely on arm length, swing speed, height etc. Keeping in mind these specifications a golf club must be designed or tailored to fit the player’s hand.

Need of customized clubs

There are many benefits of having custom designed golf clubs that are fully suitable and best fitted to a golfer’s fist in accordance to his posture, club swing and body build. A beginner should use customized fitted clubs rather than modifying his golf swings or adapt to their golf clubs. Or else they will end up in developing the fault in their swings which take a lot of years to get rectified.It may go wrong with shaft weight, length, face angle or even the loft.

Finding the perfect

An experienced club fitter can perform a custom fit session for irons, wedges, custom golf drivers and putters takes hours for each type. It allows the player to ask enough questions about the fitting of clubs. Some companies provide personalized fitting sessions at a reasonable price. You pay and they will bring out the best of you. In golf if you are not playing with a properly fitted club then you are not giving cent percent effort or you are not playing to you full potential.The fitting of golf clubs and specifications is totally based on feel and performance. Some companies design a variety of club shafts, grips and heads to serve the players of the game. Some of them are custom golf drivers, custom golf putters, custom golf wedges, custom chippers and custom golf irons.

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