Which Golf Club Head Cover To Choose?

Posted on March 8, 2016

The golf clubs are the best friends of a golfer. After all it is with the help of the clubs that a golfer performs on field. Hence the maintenance of the golf clubs happens to be absolutely imperative for the golfer. Special attention is to be given to the club heads. A golfer is to take special precautions to safeguard the quality of its club heads. In case these heads do get damaged the entire club is spoiled and the golfer would be unable to perform in the game. As a result we see that the golfer has to choose amongst the different club head covers which are available in the market. There are different types of club heads and the golfer has to choose keeping the nature of his club on his mind. There are mainly two types of golf club head covers.

Traditional Covers:

These covers are mainly made of linen and are very soft in their quality. The colour and the patterns and the shapes could be different from which the golfer could choose the best match for his requirement. In fact these club heads could even be made at home in case the user has knowledge of sewing and knitting. These are the traditional ones and often classic golfers prefer them to the new ones that are made of synthetic material and are available in the market in the current times.

New Trend Covers

In the recent times we see that a new type of club head cover has emerged in the market. These covers are made out of neoprene which is the material that is used to make wetsuits for divers and surfers. The quality of the material is very touch and the item is said to give great longevity. Once again these covers fit the golf club heads very well and give it a very good protection. These covers have a very trendy look and are gaining on the style quotient in the recent times. Once again they also take up less space in the golf bag as compared to the knitted ones.

When making a decision between both the types of the club heads it has often been seen that golfers likes to own a few types of both the categories. This is a matter of self fancy and also choice. Both the types are equally good and come with their own set of advantages and benefits for the users and their golf clubs.

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