2013 Turbo Power FBS 2.0 matching clubs

Posted on February 9, 2013

The 2013 Turbo Power FBS 2.0 is the updated 2nd generation of our popular FBS franchise. In particular the oversized FBS fairway woods were selling very well in 2012. The new FBS 2.0 line of clubs is available now complete with driver, matching woods, matching hybrids and matching irons:
  • FBS 2.0 driver features a deeper face (60 mm) and an extended front-to-back dimension (110 mm). Back weight was added moving the Center of Gravity more rearward to optimize the launch angle and forgiveness. The matte white top plate makes target alinment easy and let the head appear larger boosting confidence at address.
  • FBS 2.0 fairway woods and hybrids feature a recessed slot on sole plate along hitting face promoting high launch for more distance.
  • FBS 2.0 irons feature an enlarged cavity in a compact head profile with a thin top line to relocate the CG lowers. #3 Iron to PW: Deep cavity with undercut channel for increased forgiveness and stability. AW, SW, LW: Blade design with thin top line and undercut chanel substantially lower the CG location promoting higher launching shots. In particular the AW is selling well since launch. The new FBS 2.0 irons are a true blend of the feel pros demand and the explosive distance amateurs crave.
  • Available now as club components for your own club building as well as custom-built clubs.