2013 Drivers in exciting new designs.

Posted on February 10, 2013

Exciting Drivers in new design were launched end of January and are now available as component heads as well as custom built clubs.
  • Turbo Power Ti-1: This is the 3rd generation of our popular Ti-11 clubs. The expanded head profile promotes faster clubhead speed for more disance. Weights have been strategically placed low in the toe and heel increasing stability on miss hit shots, producing a more forgiving driver. The expanded front-to-back dimension and added back weight are moving the CG more rearward optimizing the launch angle and forgiveness. The new Ti-1 has a longer breadth (110 mm) and more shallow face (56) vs. the original Ti-11 driver.
  • Turbo Power X-Heat: This driver has a more compact profile (106 mm face-to-back) but deep face design (60 mm). The deep face design increases forgiveness and promotes accuracy and distance. The deep face is designed for golfers seeking confidence off the tee. Matte gray top plate prevents unwanted glaring and promotes easy alignment. Matching X-Heat irons are available now. Matching X-Heat fairway woods and hybrids become available by end of February.
  • Turbo Power Z-2.5: Wide face design and super long front-to-back dimension of 115 mm. Elongated head profile with added back weight position CG low and far for higher trajectory and reduced spin. A wider face (60 mm high) optimizes ball speed and provides consistency accross the entire hitting surface. Matching Z-2.5  fairway woodshybrids and irons scheduled for Spring.