Chipping the right way for better shots in golf

Posted on August 23, 2018

Improving your short game is as important as improving your long game. These two makes up for the whole game of golf. Now, during your short game, you will be expected to pitch or chip your ways into the green and eventually to the hole. There would be obstacles on the way and you’d be given the tools to overcome it too. Now, it is on your judgment how to strike the ball in such a way that gives the result you want. Covering more yards can be done with your long game but the short game will help you with the tricky shots closer to the target.Practice makes one perfect in golf too and the right technique will help you even further. And there will be times where you will have to select the best methods and best golf clubs to make the mark. Would you chip or would you pitch? Most of the times, people go with chipping rather than pitching and it is also advised to go for chipping more than pitching. If you are looking for high-quality cheap golf clubs, then visit Monark Golf today! They are having a massive sale on all golf brands. Cheap Golf Clubs Here are the things you can do to improve your chipping game:

Know why we chip and why we pitch Pitch shots have more airtime and less roll time. Chip shots have more roll time and less of air time. This is why chipping is mostly preferred by the golfers for their short game. Go for 6-8-10 method This method is widely used in chipping.  When you take a pitching wedge, the ball will fly half a distance and roll half a distance. When you use an 8-iron wedge, the ball will fly one-third of the distance from the hole and roll two-thirds. When you use 6-iron, the ball will fly one-fourth of the distance and roll three-fourths. This is called the 6-8-10 method. These can be used when the ground is at a normal level. But when dealing with uphill or downhill course, then go as follows:

  • Uphill/slow:
  • 6-irons will be replaced by 4-irons
  • 8-irons will be replaced by 6-irons
  • Pitch wedge or 10-irons will be replaced with 8-irons
  • Downhill/fast:
  • 6-irons will be replaced by 8-irons
  • 8-irons will be replaced by Pitch wedge
  • Pitch wedge will be replaced by Lob wedge

Accelerating through impact This means that rather than stopping your swing motion mid-way for a delicate shot, you swing it the way it should be. Your posture and golf club will be able to balance out your shot. So do not worry about hitting too far. Just accelerate through impact and make that swing. Shorten the backswing and make the shot. If your golf club is giving you a problem in making that swing, then get high-quality cheap golf sets at Monark Golf today. They are having a massive sale on their items. Always go for rolling than flying If your target is under 15-yards distance, then the best thing to do is to roll it to the distance rather than flying it high. It is because rolling is far more predictable than flying off of the ball. Professionals choose to roll the ball over rather than fly it high most of the times while chipping. These are the tips that will help you in your chipping game.Make the best shot with the best golf clubs. Get high-end brands at cheaper price at Monark Golf! They are having a lavish sale on their golf equipment. Get cheap golf sets.

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