How to Estimate Your Swing Speed?

Posted on August 31, 2014

Materials Needed:
  • Swing Speed Meter: Purchasing or borrowing a 'swing speed meter'. These are small electronic devices for about $100 giving you a digital readout of your swing speed or you can borrow one from your teaching pro or clubfitter.
  • A dash of honesty.
  • Read the Chart below.
Estimated Swing Speed with Irons: To find your swing speed with irons, all you have to do is (honestly) answer one question: What club would you use to CARRY the ball 150 Yards? We are not talking about which club you WISH you could use, nor about your best 'career' shot with it. Under normal circumstances, what iron number would you honestly grab? Then look up  your answer on the chart below: Club Needed to Carry 150 Yards         Your Estimated SwingSpeed 7-wood                                                 55-60 4-iron                                                   60-65 5-iron                                                   65-70 6-iron                                                   70-75 7-iron                                                   75-80 8-iron                                                   80-85 9-iron                                                   85-90 Estimated Swing Speed with Woods: To find your swing speed with woods, ask yourself (honestly) how far do you hit your 3-wood ON THE FLY off a tee, and then compare the number to the chart below: 3-Wood Carry Distance (yards)          Estimated SwingSpeed (mph) Less than 85                                       50-55 85-100                                                55-60 100-120                                              60-65 120-140                                              65-70 140-160                                              70-75 160-175                                              75-80 175-190                                              80-85 190-205                                              85-90 205-217                                              90-95 218-230                                              95-100 230-237                                              100-105 238-245                                              105-110 245-252                                              110-115 252-260                                              115-120