Geek Golf is holding 20 World RE/MAX LONG DRIVE Titles

Posted on September 15, 2016

Geek Golf is holding more Worldwide RE/MAX LONG DRIVE Titles than any other company with 20 titles! Geek Golf also holds the following Records:

  • Longest Drive RE/MAX Finals Juniors: 432 yds. Jamie Sadlowski
  • Longest Drive RE/MAX Finals Womens: Sandra Carlborg 339 yds
  • Longest Drive in the World by a Woman in a sanctioned event: Sandra Carlborg 391.2 yards
  • Longest Drive in the World in a sanctioned event: 551 yards Mike Dobbyn
  • Fastest Ball Speed at RE/MAX World Final Championships: 224.9 by Ryan Louwe

Over the years Geek Golf has created quite many Titanium Driver heads. All Geek titanium driver heads feature a 15-3-3 heat treated Beta Titanium face that is thinner than conventional titanium for maximum allowed COR/CT rebound effect. Geek Titanium driver heads come with a free Geek Golf driver head cover with magnetic closure. Except 551 Hot Version, all Geek drivers are USGA conforming for official events:

The Geek Golf Fail-Safe is a proven Long Drive Competition driver engineered for Pure Distance. Version-3 has been fined tuned for improved accuracy. Fail-3 is a forgiving head and easy to hit. The head profile is compact with a deep face. Fail-Safe is USGA Conforming for official contests. Unique wave design on top plate directs more energy from the club head to the ball with less power dispersion. Most modern-day drivers deliver only 78% of the proper directional energy toward the ball with 22% dispersion of energy. With the unique Flow Alignment System technology, the energy transfer rate is increased up to 94%. This contributes to a ball trajectory straighter and farther drives!

The Geek DOT-COM-THIS Driver features a proprietary weight added directly behind the ball in the rear of the club skirt. The club head also features an integrated energy power slot on both sides of the head to compliment the weighting power bulge in the rear of the club. This head is designed to decrease spin off the club head as such will launch the ball lower than the stated loft. For slower swing player, select a loft higher than you would normally play. The resulting ball flight will be more boring with a flatter trajectory and more roll! The DOT-COME-THIS has won over 10 world long drive titles, including the World Long Drive Open Division, Re/MAX European Long Drive, Re/MAX Spain Long Drive Championships, Re/MAX Spain Long Drive Championships, UK Long Drive Tour, Utah State Long Drive Championship, Dixie Classic, and many pro long drive events.

551 Hot Version of DOT-COME-THIS has a tested COR/CT of 0.860+ and was intentionally designed to be USGA non-conforming. This head was not submitted to the USGA and cannot be used in official events. Besides the hot face, the 551 version has the same specifications and same shape as the standard, conforming Dot-Com-This driver. The 551 Hot Version is great for golfers seeking additional distance.

The Geek NO BRAINER driver was Inspired by Muscle Cars and is a true Muscle Head. Due to the distinct placement of extra weight incorporating the design characteristics of the sole and body of the NO BRAINER...this is truly a 'Muscle' head...hence the tie-in to Muscle cars! The Aerodynamics of the body works to enhance the unique weighting design of the sole of the club. The sole weighting runs from 'heel to toe' directly behind the face which then extends in 3 weighting configurations going from the front portion of the club sloping to tapered positions to really increase the MOI and drop the COG further back and upward without utilizing a 'skirt' on the sides and back portion of the club which in turn applies more weight where it will do the most good. The design positioning of the added weight lowers 'spin' and increases 'ball speed' dramatically. Look for tremendous carry and tons of roll out with the NO BRAINER. The new NO BRAINER is a proven Long Drive Competition driver engineered for Distance. The NO BRAINER was the Winner of Re/MAX World Long Drive Championship, Swedish Long Drive Championship, ILDC Canadian Pro Long Drive Championship, US Senior Long Drive Championship, European Pro Long Drive Championship, Canadian Cold Shootouts Championship, South African Long Drive Championships.

Geek Golf drivers will add some long drive punch to your game even if you don't participate at Long Drive contests.