improve your golf skills at home
How can you improve your golf skills at home?

Posted on October 31, 2019

If you are looking for extra practice time to improve your golf skills, then your home is the perfect place to start. It is a great place to work out the bends and twists in your golf swing and improve your fundamentals.

There are various equipment and gadgets that you can grab for at-home practice, such as mats, nets, simulators, different types of artificial surfaces, and putting aids. You don’t have to invest a lot of money on this, you can do it by simply using a few golf balls, clubs and common items that are around the house. At-home practice can be either outdoors or indoors and would take just a couple of minutes or hours of your free time. If you want it outdoor, you can set the practice area in the backyard, garage or your basement, else if you have a larger family room you can simply lay down the putt and chip and begin your practice.

Improve your Swing at home

The first way to go about with this is to first check your backswing or downswing position. Stand in front of the mirror and check the posture of your body while slowing moving towards the required position, then adjust your posture as necessary. You must understand that your position greatly affects your swings. A poor posture will lead to a poor transfer of energy and ultimately a bad swing.

While practicing and improving your position you can also do a little check on your swing changes at the same time. Perform a continuous slow-motion swing and check your alignment in the mirror for feedback. If they are right, you can begin practicing your swing changes at full speed. This practice will give confidence and make your swing changes feel completely natural at the golf course.

Improve your impact position at home

Forming a great impact position is quite a challenging task for most golfers. But it’s something that can be really practiced and improved at home. One of the common drills followed to improve the descending stroke and speed of the ball is by draping a towel on the club and pressing it forward without a backswing. This simple practice works to help your body move in a tour pro-position.

Master your fundamentals at home

Imitation is a great way to improve your setup. First, find some images of the correct setup posted by pro golfers and observe them carefully. Next, try to imitate it while standing in front of a full-length mirror. At this time you will be able to check your grip, posture, alignment, and ball position and observe where you are going wrong. Once you make sure that your set up is accurate and tidy, you will rarely experience swing flaws.

Get fit at Home

Apart from improving your swings and set up, you might also want to take your time out in maintaining your fitness at home. After all, what’re the benefits of having all those golf tricks and strategies in your head if you don’t have the health to execute them? There are various exercises that you can carry out at homes such as simple Side Step-Ups, Lunges with Rotation, or the Cat Camels. These exercises will help you to strengthen those muscles that are most important during a golf swing.

To get more knowledgeable about the importance of exercise and learn effective exercises that can improve your strength and golf swing we recommended that you go through our earlier blog “Useful Exercise Every Golfer Should Perform”.

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