How to Change Putter Grip at Home
How to Change Putter Grip at Home

Posted on April 1, 2021

Putter grips are like the rest of the clubs, the more they are used the more worn they can become.

Over time you may see that your putter grip has a less sticky feel, discolored, or looks considerably worn out and damaged. When this happens, the effectiveness of your grip will decrease and prevent you from playing your best. This is when you want to start considering changing your putter grip. 

The best way to re-grip your putter grip most efficiently is to go to an expert or club fitter. However, you can still do it by yourself in the comfort of your home. What you need is a little bit of dedication and patience, and follow the steps below. 

Remove the Old Putter Grip

Using a knife carefully start cutting the old grip from the bottom to the top in a straight direction. 

If you have a steel shaft for your putter, you can be relatively firm with your knife while removing the grip. However, if you have a graphite shaft, you want to be careful not to damage the shaft while using your knife.

If your grip is relatively in good condition and wants to save it for future use. You can go through our blog “Can putter grips be reused? and learn tips to save your grip for future use. 

Cleaning the Shaft

Once you have successfully removed the old grip from your club, the next step is to clean the shaft. Scrap off and remove the old tape on the shaft. Also, clear away any remains of glue left on the club from the old grip. You can use extensive removal solvent to do so. 

Before you go to the next step, make sure your putter shaft is completely dry and clean. 

Prepare Your Putter Shaft for the New Grip

Once you have a clean and dry shaft, place the new grip next to your shaft and measure how far down you need to put the tape. When you have the measurement, apply the masking tape around the shaft in spirals from one end to the other where you have marked. 

Next, take a double-sided tape and wrap it around the putter shaft. As you work the tape downwards through the shaft, make sure you allow for sufficient space for the tape to stick in perfect alignment without overlapping. 

Apply a small amount of paint thinner or mineral spirits onto the retaped shaft as well as into the retaped shaft. Seal the hole at the end of the new grip using your finger to prevent the solvent from running out. Once the solvent is spread throughout the inside of the grip, you can pour out the excess into a bucket or container.

Putting on the New Grip 

Before sliding the new grip onto the shaft, align them as close to the final position. This will help reduce aligning work once the new grip is on the shaft. 

Place the end of the grip just over the shaft and very swiftly slide the grip onto the putter shaft. Next, check if you got the alignment right. Gently twist the putter grip if you need to adjust the alignment.

Once it is properly aligned, press the end of the grip firmly with your palm to secure the grip in place.  

Avoid using your club straight away after re-gripping. Leave it for 2-4 hours to allow the new putter grip to dry and properly stick to the shaft.

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