How to Find the Best Grip for Your Body Type: Golf Guide for Women
How to Find the Best Grip for Your Body Type: Golf Guide for Women

Posted on April 29, 2021

A correct grip can initiate a good golf swing. Since golf grip is the part that connects you with the rest of your club, if your grip is unsound, your swing can begin inappropriately and get worse as it develops. 

The way you hold your golf clubs grips is an important aspect of the set-up. The way you grip influences your control over your clubface and its position. Then the position of the clubface will influence the direction the ball will travel.

As a golfer, you might be quite aware of the different types of golf grips, such as Baseball Grip, Overlap Grip, Interlock Grip, and others. Sometimes it can be hard to determine which style is right for you and your game. The best and simplest answer is that is the grip style you feel most comfortable is the right one. 

Another method to find out the best grip for you is to consider which trail-hand grip works for you best. 

Our body is structured, aligned, and positioned to move in certain ways. So, it's crucial to understand which trail-hand grip naturally works for you. Remember that a proper trail-hand grip is a key fundamental to building consistent golf swings. Hence, it’s always important to check which trail hand grip suits you before doing anything else. Follow the steps to find out.

1. Get into golf your posture and keep your arms hanging freely. Here your middle finger should be at the top of your knees. 

2. Hold the grip with both hands and then lower your trail arm just a little below your lead arm. 

3. Now, stabilize your shoulders and then try swinging your arms back to waist-high. During the swing you can allow your trail elbow to bend a little.

When you are able to find the correct position of your trail hand on the club, you will see that the trail-hand grip has a better effect on the downswing pattern as well as the ball’s release pattern. 

While there are basically three different types of trail-hand grips: Under Grip, Cover Grip, and Side-On Grip, each with different trail-arm actions and ball release patterns, learning what makes you feel more comfortable and confident is the key to knowing the right grip. So, try your trail hand grip on each grip style, examine the result, match them and choose the one that allows you to play your best. 

Remember the golf grip is the only thing that connects you with the rest of your golf club. While improving your grip is very important, finding the right golf grip is also important. If you are looking for quality golf grips to help you produce the consistent shots you desire, Monark Golf is an excellent place to go to. Feel free to check out high-quality golf grips online at