Lighter Club Weight Always Increases Distance?

Posted on September 26, 2017

The Benefit of CounterWeighing

Since years golf manufacturers are promoting the message that a lighter club weight promotes higher swing speed and increases distance.

You may ask yourself what is the benefit of adding weight to your clubs, what is benefit of adding weight to the butt end? “Added weight will reduce my swing speed and not let me hit the ball farther”?

Yes, for some golfers a reduced club weight is the solution for a higher swing speed and increased distance. This means the lighter, the better. However this marketing mantra does not apply to all players.

What is the most common problem most players have? The majority of golfers tend to push, fade or slice the ball increasing inconsistency from their intended target. Many golfers try to change their swing in order to reduce the severity of their errant shots. This will cost them distance and increases frustration.

Counterweighting means adding weight to your hands and shifting the balance point closer to your hands.

Counter Weighing

Let us say a golfer is making a serious over-the-top swing and slicing the ball. Adding a 25-gram counterweight makes the swing path less outside-in, makes the ball flight straighter and more consistent. Counterweighing will let players timing down and let them release the club at a better position during the downswing. Counterweighing will actually increase their swing speed.

A high fade or slice will not travel or roll on the ground as far. Counterweighing promotes straighter shots and produces a slight draw. After counterweighing the distance is not increased by a higher swing speed but by improved accuracy, i.e. straighter shots.

As a rule of thumb, the heavier the weight, the more the ball flies to the left (for right-hand players). A draw bias will increase distance for most golfers

What Counter Weight products are available on the market?

Basic counterweights made from solid stainless steel fit into the butt end of your shaft and are installed by shaft epoxy prior to installing a grip. These weights are installed beneath the grip and cannot be exchanged without reinstalling a grip. These basic weights make custom fitting a bit difficult but are less expensive than other weights. Click to check custom fit golf clubs here.

Tour Lock Pro Counterweights: these weights are installed in the cap end of your existing grip and do not require a change of grip. Tour Lock Pro Counterweights are coming in a wide range of weights from 8 gram to 100 gram for any club from driver to putter. Using the Tour Lock Grip modifier as a tool with a power drill, you will create a weight port in the cap end, slip-in the weight, tighten the weight with an allen wrench, the Tour Lock Pro weights are secured in place without epoxy and can later be easily exchanged. A clubfitter can apply different weights to see what weight amount will improve your game. A launch monitor or swing analyzer will detect the difference before and after applying another counterweight.

The heavier weights (50 gram, 80 gram and 100) of Tour Lock Pro Counterweights are great to fine tune putters. Counterweighing a putter will quiet your wrists or hands and make a smooth pendulum stroke out of your shoulders. Consider counter-weighting your golf putters if you push or pull your putts or encounter inconsistencies with distance (one-time long distance, next time much shorter distance).


Tour Lock Opti-Vibe: these weights are also designed for fine-tuning, to enhance feel and improve performance. The Opti-Vibe follow the same concept of the Tour Lock Pro Counterweights by moving the weight closer to your hands. However the Opti-Vibe are mid-weights and inserted between 4 to 10 inches from the grip’s end to optimize overall club weight, optimize balance point, increase club’s stability thru the swing and to reduce or increase head feel.


A club fitter with a swing analyzer or launch monitor is able to detect flaws in your swing. Applying weights to the butt end will correct the overall club weight and balance point that is fitting best to your strength and timing. Improvements can be achieved without the need for re-shafting, buying a new golf club or taking golf lessons. Counterweighing will reduce frustration and improve your game over a not adequately weighted and balanced club.

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