New Mondeo Jet Black is Two-Piece Cast Titanium Driver

Posted on July 1, 2019

What are the benefits of a Cast Titanium Driver over a Forged Titanium Driver?

A forged titanium is usually a 4-piece construction, i.e. 4 pieces of stamped and shaped titanium plates are welded together. The welding is tig welding which is increasing weight at the welding line. When the plates are manually welded together, the loft, lie and face angles are subjected to a tolerance; heads may also have a weight tolerance. Forged heads have the advantage that a certain angle can be handpicked to meet a certain customer request.

Cast titanium driver heads are usually 2 piece construction. The casting allows for more complicate and innovative design of head profiles. The biggest advantage however is the uniformity of production, all heads are made from the same mold, less manual welding is needed. Tolerances are tighter and accuracy is considerably improved. All heads are performing same as per design purpose. Cast Titanium driver heads require a separate mold for each loft and require a much higher investment than forged titanium drivers. Cast titanium drivers are more expensive than forged driver heads.

The new Mondeo Jet Black Cast Titanium driver gives you all benefits in one head: adjustable hosel sleeve + sliding weights + accuracy and uniformity of a genuine cast titanium driver at an affordable price.

  • Two Piece Construction of cast titanium body for improved uniformity and increased accuracy.
  • Cast titanium body eliminates tig welded lines and improves uniformity & accuracy
  • Adjustable Hosel Sleeve: Face Angle is adjustable to prevent a hook or slice for long & straight shots. Adjustable hosel design allows you toadjust the face angle from 1.5º open to neutral to 1.5º closed. Choose from three face angle positions so you can achieve the look you want at address and help you square the face to the ball at impact. The adjustable hosel allows you to change the lie angle from 57º to 56º (i.e. 1º upright).
    • - 1.5º Face Angle promotes a distance enhancing draw bias
    • 0º (Square) Face Angle
    • +1.5º Face Angle promotes a fade bias
    • 1º Upright Lie at Square Face
    • The hosel sleeve also allows you to exchange shafts and to play with different shafts.
  • Adjustable sliding weight system changes Center of Gravity, optimizes spin and let you select your preferred bias: distance enhanced draw bias or fade bias
  • Maximum COR for more energy transfer. The new Mondeo Jet Black features a maximum allowed COR for maximum spring-like effort for more distance at less efforts. The CT value has been measured as 247 +/- 10. The USGA has limited the CT (Characteristic Time) to 239 microseconds with a tolerance of up to 10, this is the amount of time there is contact between the clubface of a driver and the ball at the moment of impact. The Jet Black's CT of 247 is at the upper limit of the USGA CT allowed tolerance
  • The expanded face-to-back distance (106 mm) increases the MOI for improved forgiveness and increased distance.
  • Head comes with a complimentary wrench, 1 x pre-installed shaft adapter and a special ferrule.

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