The Bang Golf Bang-O-Matic Driver holds the World’s longest drive of 539 yards

Posted on September 15, 2016

Since inception in 2000 Bang Golf is the leader in designing and manufacturing golf drivers for Long Drive Contests.The Bang-O-Matic by Bang Golf was holding the World's longest drive of 539 yards for almost 15 years, also holding the Woman's World long drive record of 362 yards! Along with 5 World long drive championships! Bang Golf had 4 staffers in the Top 12 in the World Championships using the Bang O Matic and Banster 430 driver. Mr Scott Smith and Adam Stacey made the TV Finals placing 5th and 3rd respectively in the World.

Bang Golf titanium drivers feature a heat treated 15-3-3-3 Beta Titanium face that is thinner than conventional titanium allowing for maximum COR/CT rebound effect. All Bang Golf titanium driver heads include a FREE Bang Golf driver headcover.

The Bang-O-Matic driver is the longest driver ever made. It holds the current long drive record of 539 yards. It also holds the women's world long drive record of 362 yards, and junior's world long drive record of 400 yards. Bang-O-Matic driver has won 6 world long drive championships since its debut in 2004. This is the golf club that Jamie Sadlowski used to win his first RE/MAX Long Drive title. Also endorsed by Golf Digest magazine. An unique wave design on the top plate called Flow Alignment System (FA) directs more energy from the club head to the ball with less power dispersion. Most modern-day drivers deliver only 78% of the proper directional energy toward the ball with 22% dispersion of energy. With the unique Flow Alignment System technology, the energy transfer rate is increased up to 94%. This contributes to a straighter and farther drive! Cup face design enlarges the effective face area and sweet spot.

The ST539 Bang-O-Matic was introduced to honor Scott Smith's 539 yard RE/MAX Long Drive record. This record is still intact. The ST539 is a cast all Beta Titanium head. This process is much more expensive than forging because each loft requires a separate casting mold. Casting is much more consistent from head to head. Because of the proprietary heat treatment the 'feel' on this head is extraordinary and flight characteristics are mid-high launch with low spin for amazing roll-out.

The Bang Storm features an extra large face and a higher center of gravity than most drivers on the market. This new design gives you a larger sweet spot on the club face without score lines, while reducing the spin and launch angle in order to get more distance and forward rolling. The Bang Storm is also coming in an Offset Hosel version.

The Bang Mellow Yellow driver was the first driver to bring color to the golf industry. A classic pear shape design combined with a low profile face for a traditional look at address position. The Mellow Yellow driver is the first Driver in the golf industry to introduce lofts in 14*, 16* and 18* degrees. It has made the Golf Digest Hot List. It has been played in both PGA events and at the LDA Re/Max World long drive finals.

Bang Golf also has a heart for seated golfers; Bang is the only company manufacturing specially designed club heads for the seated golfer. The seated position requires a shorter club length. A shorter club length requires a lie angle that is much flatter than a standard club length. The head's hosel can be bent only to a certain extend. Some clubmakers are bending the tip of a shaft which is possible only for steel shafts or building a hinge between club head and shaft. Tot'in Bone'z Clubs are designed by a T-4 paraplegic who carries a USGA handicap of 2.

Looking for a #1 hybrid with 12 degree loft? Or looking for a #0 iron with 11 degree lofts, even in Left Hand? Yes, we can. Bang-O-Matic hybrid head is made from super strong Maraging Steel is coming in 13 lofts from 12 degree to 61 degree both in Right and Left Hand. The Bang-O-Matic Center Cut irons are neither cavity back nor blade nor muscle back design, they feature no top line and all discretionary weight is moved low into the head's sole. The low Center of Gravity is promoting a high ball flight.

Looking for a replica of the 1968 Wilson Staff blade iron or replica of the 1978 Wilson Staff FG17 blade iron? Bang Golf has it. The Bang Tour Tools Classic irons are form forged from soft 304 stainless steel, feature a classic muscle back design, compact head profile, shallow face, thin sole, all the goodies preferred by low handicap golfers seeking maximum shot control and increased ability to work the ball.

Monark Golf is the official master distributor of Bang Golf club heads and carrying the entire Bang Golf line. Put some noise into your game and play with Bang golf clubs.