Lamin golf grips
Types of Golf Grips: 3 Top Ways to Hold the Golf Club

Posted on March 6, 2017

When you are swinging the club you need to ensure that both of your hands are working together when you are holding it. There are 3 basic grips that you can use when you are holding your club, including the baseball, interlocking and overlapping. You can use whichever hold feels the most comfortable to you and your club.

Overlap Grip

There are numerous golf pride grips that you can use when you are using the overlapping grip. It is also known as the Vardon Overlap grip and it is the most common among the great golf players. To use this style of hold, you just need to place your hands on the club and put your trailing hand’s little finger between the middle and index finger of the other hand.

Interlocking Hold

Another good option that you can use when you have the lamkin golf grips is the interlocking hold. This is another popular hold in the LPGA Tour and many of the best male players have also used it as well. You simply lock your hands together with the little finger of your trailing hand with the lead hands index finger.

Baseball Hold

The least preferred method of holding the club is the baseball or 10 finger hold. It is the best hold for when you are first learning, but it is also good for those with weak or small hands, arthritis or joint pain. You simply place your hands together on the grip like you are holding a baseball bat with the thumb of the lead hand covered by the trailing hand.

There are plenty of ways that you can hold your clubs and they are all based on the grips that you choose. You should use the option that is the most comfortable to you since that will help you in your game. However, Monark Golf has plenty of grips that can help to make your holds better, so make sure to check them out.

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