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What is about ‘the Claw’ and “Cross-Handed” Putting grips that made history in the golf ground?

Posted on July 10, 2019

There are several grips option that golfers can choose to hold the putter. You can try the Interlocking Grip, Reverse Overlap Putting Grip, Left Hand/ Cross-hand Low Putting Grip, Claw putting, or other options. Whichever you may choose, the SuperStocke putter grips can help you get a better grip of your shaft.

If you are a long time enthusiastic golfers or just been introduced to golf, whatever the case, can you name the two famous putting grips practiced by famous golfers, and in fact won them the ground.

Take a guess. Anything…? Maybe the title will help. Yes, it’s the Claw and Cross-Handed putting grips.

If you are still not so aware, then buckle up. Because we are taking you back to history and tell you how did it started, and teach you how it is done. So, you can be the next champion.

The Claw putting grip

This putting grip style started with the famous golfer, Chris DiMarco and former winners Mark O’Meara and Mark Calcavecchia. Since its introduction, it has embedded more strongly in golf’s mainstream. At the 2018 Ryder Cup, it appeared to be expedient for golfers. Four among the 24 players, namely Justin Rose, Sergio Garcia, Tommy Fleetwood, and Webb Simpson, were able to hit a high point with the claw.

Methods involved in the claw

The objective of the claw is to neutralize the right hand effectively by taking it off the grip almost completely.

The left hand should be kept in a neutral position on the top of the putter (shaft). The right hand should be raised a little higher to the side, keeping the palm of the right facing towards the body.

Also, you need to ensure that the putter grip that is firm and of good product. The SuperStroke Claw putter grip is the first choice for most golfers.

What is the purpose of the claw?

The claw putting grips is designed to reduce movement in the wrist and hands to help initiate the perfect back-and-through putting stroke.

The Cross-Handed Putting Grip

One of the oldest yet continuously used styles- the cross-handed grip, take us back as far as 1969, when Orville Moody won the U.S Open using this putting grip. Ever since its introduction, this style had been used by many famous golfers. Among them is Jordan Spieth, who triumph at the 2015 U.S. Open.

Methods involved in the cross-handed putting grip

The cross-handed is also sometimes called as the left-hand low. The perfection lies in placing the left hand on the putter just slightly below the right hand. Just the opposite of normal grip for right-handed and left-handed vice versa.

It is an ideal position to rest both the thumbs on the putter grip, while providing extra stability.

Choosing the Right Tool

SuperStroke Traxion Tour 2.0 Golf Putter Grip

SuperStroke Traxion Tour 2.0 Golf Putter Grip

When it comes to choosing the right tools, be it putter or putter grips, it completely depends on individual choice and the unique mechanics of the stroke. The most important consideration is to find the tool that make you feel natural, right, and good using it.

From the general perspective, most golfers go for the “pistol” shape instead of the uniform cylindrical shape, like the SuperStroke Claw putter grip. This is because it allows golfers to place both hands directly facing each other, work in unison, and execute a perfect stroke.

The putters comes in a variety of design, shape, weight, length, and alignments. The selection depends on the stroke technique in mind, every stroke requires different putter. We suggest you to go for the Rexton putter selections. They have an exclusive collection of best quality putters.

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