Which Lamkin Putter Grip Is Best for My Stroke?
Which Lamkin Putter Grip Is Best for My Stroke?

Posted on June 1, 2021

There can be no compromises for golfers when it comes to selecting the best putter grips. Lamkin has made a big name in this field, so their 2021 lineup of ten different putter grips has got us all excited. But how do you figure out which one is best for your strokes?

In this article, you will have enough information about each to find out the best putter grips for you.

Arc-to-Straight and Straight-to-Straight Stroke 

For those who perform arc-to-straight and straight-to-straight strokes, these are the best putter grips from Lamkin this year-

●  Lamkin Sink Fit Deep V putter grip: The Deep V is an amazing choice for arch-to-straight and straight-to-straight strokes. It can work well for claw and palm-to-palm gripping styles and also accommodate overlap and reverse overlap grips. It is also highly durable, so you won't have to worry about the Polyurethane wearing off quickly.

●  Lamkin Sink Fit Straight Polyurethane putter grip: This grip is 46% lighter than its rubber counterpart. It's best for those with a straight back and through strokes, and you will prefer it if you don't use a traditional overlap style to hold the putter.

●  Lamkin Sink Fit PistolClaw Polyurethane putter grip: The shaping of this Lamkin putter grip ensures perfect right-hand/left-hand balance, thus promoting neutral hand action through the stroke. So this is considered a great choice for straight back and through putting strokes.

●  Lamkin Sink Fit Straight Rubber putter grip: If you are a golfer who uses the claw grip, or maybe the palm-to-palm one, this will work great for your strokes. It's also suitable for those who have a split-handed grip. This mid to oversized Lamkin putter grip has some additional weight to provide just the right amount of counterbalance.    

Arc-to-Straight and Arc-to-Arc Strokes

If you are a golfer who does arc-to-straight and arc-to-arc strokes, check out these Lamkin putter grips-

●  Lamkin Sink Fit SquareTop Polyurethane putter grip: This putter grip ensures consistent hand placement, and the shape promotes release and squaring of the putter head through impact. For those of you who prefer sharp and distinctly defined edges on a putter grip, this one is the best choice for your arc-to-straight and arc-to-arc strokes.

●  Lamkin Sink Fit Pistol Polyurethane putter grip: These V-shaped putter grips fit perfectly in the creases of the fingers, so it's an excellent fit for this category of strokes as it allows you to release the putter. It's also fitted for different types of gripping styles, like Claw.

●  Lamkin Sink Fit Skinny Pistol Rubber putter grip: A proud part of TaylorMade's Truss line-up, this SinkFit grip has a very subtle pistol-back shape and is a great option if you want some refreshment from oversized grips. As it is thinner in size, it is perfect for this kind of stroke.

●  Lamkin Sink Fit Pistol Rubber putter grip: For those who prefer traditional midsize grip with the feel of something a little large in their hands, the Sink Fit Pistol Rubber putter will just do the trick. It has a brilliant surface texture and arched pistol back shape. Best for those who grip using the traditional overlap, reverse overlap or cross-handed style.

●  Lamkin Deep Etched putter grip: The paddle profile of this Lamkin putter grip has an arching back and oval-shaped end cap that will sit comfortably in your upper hand. If you prefer to position your thumbs on top of the putter grip, this is the one for you. This goes well for the same gripping styles as the last one.

●  Lamkin Deep Etched Full Cord putter grip: The firm rubber material of this putter grip provides a stronger and more stable grip feel, so it's great for controlling the slipping during damp or clammy conditions. Be sure to decide which one best suits your needs. For more info, be sure to check on our future articles on Monarkgolf.