Four key considerations when searching for the right putter grips
Four Key Considerations when Searching for the Right Putter Grips

Posted on April 29, 2021

The putter grip market is filled with uncountable options for all levels of players and their preferences. With a wide range of choices, it can get quite overwhelming for a player to find the best putter grips that fit their game level and preferences.

Since putting is a very important part of the game, you may want to take steps to enhance it wherever possible. There are several factors to consider for a good putt. From getting the pace right and reading the green to aiming where the ball would go, and more. While all these factors are hard and take time to master, finding the right putter grip that fits you is easier. With a little bit of consideration and experimenting, you can find a grip that will help you play better. 

Here are four important things you should consider when looking for a putter grip:

Size of the Grip

The most significant feature to consider when choosing a grip is the size. There are four golf grip dimensions: Undersize, Standard, Midsize, and Oversize. The size of the grip can be further adjusted by adding extra coatings of tape at the time of fitting.

It's crucial that you use the right grip size that fits your hand properly. Using an inappropriate grip size can cause players 3-4 hits every single round. 

Using a grip that is too small will require more muscle strength to grip the club and prevent it from sliding off from the hand. On the other hand using grip too big inhibits wrist snap on serves, smothers shot distance, and makes grip changing more difficult. 

Shape of the Grip

The shape of the golf grip plays a crucial role in influencing the path of the stroke. That is because the contact point of the grip to the hand will be different depending on the shape of the grip. This will affect the energy transferred onto the clubhead. 

There is no one rule on the shape of the putter grip, however, you want to consider your grip style and choose a grip shape that keeps your hands comfortable in the desired position. 

Weight of the Grip 

The weight of your putter grip will affect the overall weight of the putter, feels, swing weight, and even the way the putter head releases. So, before you make your choice, consider how the weight putter grip will change the weight of your club and whether this change is going to benefit your game. 

Material of the Grip

Putter grips are most commonly made of rubber or synthetic rubber material and are available in variability of styles and colors. Synthetic rubber material makes the grips enormously durable. 

Players who have wet hands or like to play in wet or humid circumstances can go for grips that are added with a CORD weave. They are one of the most common choices because of the extra traction the grips deliver to help players prevent their hands from skidding.

Putter grips are an important component in the overall golf clubs equation. If you want the best for your game, Monark Golf is here to help. Find countless best quality putter grips options to choose from, including the grips from great brands like lamkin, Rexton, SuperStroke, Winn, and many more.