Golf Club Fitting with Graphite Design Golf Shafts: Game Advantages
Golf Club Fitting with Graphite Design Golf Shafts: Game Advantages

Posted on April 29, 2021

First introduced in the mid-1960s, graphite shafts have an interesting rise to fame as the go-to material for drivers, hybrids, and fairway woods. One of the best advantages of graphite design shafts is their lightweight feature, which promotes “Accuracy and Distance”- the key competitive advantages for golfers to optimize their games.

With revolutionary technology, design and using the most advanced materials, today golf shaft manufacturers are getting more competitive in developing the highest quality graphite shafts to meet the growing demand for premium graphite design shafts worldwide. 

The modern, improved graphite shafts have become a very popular choice among different levels of players, from beginners and intermediates to seniors. Graphite design graphite shafts not only help increase swing speed and more distance but greatly help reduce vibration on impact. But it doesn’t stop here, graphite shafts can provide players with many advantages in the game. Here are few of them.

They are Lighter

Graphite design shafts are considerably more lighter than shafts made of steel. This makes them easier to swing faster and shoot the golf ball to go farther. If you’re able to swing properly and maintain good balance, graphite shafts can benefit you with extra distance.

Less Vibration During Strike

Graphite shafts are also better compared to steel if you want to experience minimal vibration during impact. The fibers in the graphite help dampen impact vibration of the club. So, even though your golf ball travels far, you will feel as though the shot is muffled. 

Flex Advantage

High quality frequency and flex matched graphite design shafts will have flex strength similar to that of a steel shaft made. For players who can maintain an even tempo, a high quality graphite shaft will offer an excellent distance control as in a steel shaft.

So, now you understand why golf graphite shaft is getting very popular among golfers. Fitting your clubs with graphite shafts can provide you with great advantages in your game. Moreover, new advancement in the golf shaft technology has allowed graphite shafts manufacturers to add a whole new level of improvement in the shafts. Modern graphite shafts now perform just as great as steel shafts, and even better in some cases.  

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